Empire State building wears on purple for World Lupus Day

Well, not exactly World Lupus Day, which is on the 10th of May… But hey! The great famous EMpire State building showed his support to all lupus warriors last 8th October of 2014.

October: Lupus Awareness Month

Yes. Although 10th of May is lupus World Day, during Octuber lupies around the world take the opportunity to raise lupus awareness.

During this month you may see people wearing purple in their clothes or maybe a purple ribbon, butterfly or wolf (simbols of lupus). Maybe they or eomone they love have lupus.

Join us in our everyday lupus awareness campaign and show your support by sharing some information about lupus or about what is it like to live with a chronic illness luke lupus.

Thank you!!!

The Empire State has done it… why not you?


Tower Lighting 2014-10-08 00:00:00

Average general admission ticket travel time from clearing security, through our two exhibits, to the 86th floor Observation Deck. Updated every 2 minutes. Express pass time to the top averages 10 minutes, regardless of general admission wait time.

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