Welcome to this lupus blog!!!

Hello there and welcome to this blog. My name is Nuria and I have lupus (SLE). This blog, called «Your Lupus is My Lupus», is intended to be a guide for lupus patients and their relatives through all the lupie/spoonie way.

Please be aware that I am not a doctor, so please ask your physician if you have any question regarding your health.

Why do I write this blog?

While there is a lot of information in English about lupus, it does not happen the same in Spanish… That is the reason why I started writing this blog: so that everyone knows that there is a place where they can find good quality information that can be easily understood by everyone.

As I have recently moved to Dubai due to my husband’s job and I am traslating this blog in order to help now in the Arabic community. I have just arrived and I am reading and learning a lot! So I hope that with some time I can help the Arabic community in the same way I have help (and still help) the Spanish community.

Even though each lupie is different and no lupus patient is similar to another one in symptoms and in the way lupus affects them, there are many things we may have in common: fatigue, depression, insecurity, fear, sex and psychological issues… In this blog I write about every single thing.

I hope my experience and feelings as a lupus patient can help you show the ones you care how you feel. I hope this can be a tool to show the world how it is like to live with lupus for both patients and families…

Because we are not alone… We all need support at some point and I would like you to know that I will take your lupus as if it was mine. That’s the reason why this place is called «Your lupus i my lupus».

Please feel free to share anything you find may interest the people around you (even your doctor or lupus association!).

Bit by bit… baby steps

Every single article written in English will have it’s interrelated article in Spanish. However, not all Spanish articles will have translation because I don’t have enought time nor spoons and I am 100% sure you can find that information in sites like Lupus Europe or The Lupus Foundation of America.

Should you be interested in me traslating any particular article into English, please feel free to ask! You can easily contact me on Twitter, Facebook or by email at tulupus.milupus@gmail.com.

If you want to know more about me…

There is a story behind every patient. My story is only one in a million, but has a lot in common with the stories of the 5 million lupus patients around the globe.


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