International 2 days patient panel in Brussels (Europe)

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Do you have lupus?

Are you a resident of a European country?

Do you want to help find a cure for lupus?

If the answer is «yes»… Read on!!! Lupus Europe has something really interesting to offer you!!! 🙂

Gosh I want so much to be there!!!

Ok ok I will stop talking to that you can read about it. Remember you have all this information in Lupus Europe’s website! I have just copied and pasted it on here.


Are YOU interested in participating in an international 2 days patient panel?

At the beginning of November, LUPUS EUROPE is organising a patient panel in Brussels. The aim is to discuss experiences related to treatment: including using Plaquenil, intravenous treatment, use of sunscreen, physical exercise… to better understand the topic and design initiatives that will help treatment adherence and improve quality of life during treatment.

Would you like to take part?

The practicalities:

•    Where: Brussels
•    Date: from Sunday 2nd November (5pm) to Tuesday 4th November (4pm)
•    Cost: Free! LUPUS EUROPE covers transport, accommodation and meal costs during the panel.


◦    Be a resident of a European country.
◦    Be able to communicate well in English (comprehension and expression).
◦    Be diagnosed with lupus (a medical certificate may be requested if you are selected).
◦    Commit to participating fully in the panel for its entire duration.


How can I send my application to participate in this project?

If you fill the above conditions, you may send your application to before September 30. Your mail must include:
•    Your full name, date of birth, residence, phone numbers and e-mail address.
•    Your commitment to take part in the panel in its entirety.
•    Five to ten lines in English explaining your motivation.
•    You will be informed soon if your application has been accepted.

For more information:


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Resourses of information:

Lupus Europe website.

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