#Doctors20 & You: Why do I want to go to?

Whoa whoa whoa is that question right? It should be why on earth would anyone miss this event! 😉

When I jumped into Twitter and my whole world changed I never thought my steps would lead me to where I am now.

Nowadays we talk a lot about empowered patients and e-patients… And I have seen many of them who just name themselves as so. Just because. One day they get up and say «I am an empowered patient» and go around saying so.

Since I jumped into social media I never saw myself as anything especial. I was just a patient, like anyone else, that started telling the world how it is like to live with a chronic illness. And living with a chronic illness is not living with lupus… There are too many people (families included) and lupus is not the only illness in the world. That is why when I talk about feelings I include every patient. That is why when I talk in public events I talk about chronic illness: because patients have many things in common (feelings, treatment adherence, acceptance of  diagnosis and changes in their lives…) to ignore it. And patients must support each other so that they could change those «little things» that need to be changed.


And just telling how I felt I saw that so many people felt like me… And that I could do a lot to help others go through what I had gone through alone. My experience and the mistakes I had made could help both patients, families and friends have a better life! Or at least a bit of an easier one… At least they wouldn’t feel they are not the only ones in the world…

I don’t know how that first article I wrote in this blessed blog has led me to where I am know… Well, I know it is the blessed people who read me everyday, their support and love. Maybe the fact that I write being plain me.

I don’t know. The thing is that a patient that hid behind an avatar is now being called to help develop apps and to talk in public health events… And that is amazing and something I am so grateful for every single day.

The fact of patients choosing you to be their voice is something for what I have no words. Because if I am a so called empowered patient it is because other patients feel I can be their voice and they trust me. That is magic. Amazing. Something that I don’t forget for a second and that I treasure.

That is the reason why I always ask people to tell what they think before I attend an event. «Hey guys, I have been asked to talk about this issue. What are your views? I want to talk for everyone!» and I do so.

A voice is powerful if the words it pronounces are the ones of a community.

I love the e-health world. I love being able to learn more from other people and being able to share my views with them. More over, I think that some events are worth telling the world and Spanish speaking community is very interested in attending these events via social media. When I attend a meeting in English I tweet in both English and Spanish, of course!!! Because information should be accessible to  everyone. And I know so many people are willing to learn and empower themselves and others!!! So I couldn’t help reaching out to Denise Silber so that I could be part of Doctors 2.0 & You.

The agenda is amazing! And there is so much I could learn and contribute with! And if I cannot be a voice to patients this year I really hope she takes me in for the years to come!

Thanks Denise, because I know you have tried 🙂 .

Want to know more about Doctors 2.0 & You? There you go! 😉

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