Lupus patient associations world map

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I’ve been doing this map with associations of lupus patients and I hope you find it useful because there are so many of you who ask me about this 🙂 .

You may notice that in the countries where I have not found association of lupus I have entered the rheumatic diseases or rare diseases instead.

What do I do if I don’t find a lupus association in my city?

In that case I would recommend to contact your nearest association (even if it is in another country) and ask them for your corresponding association.

To be honest, it took me quite a while to find patient associations in some countries … And in some countries there is no association whastoever…

Anything to change or add in the map?

I will (slowly) continue expanding the map with lupus associations in other countries, of course! However, if you see I missed any association or some contact information, your are kindly welcome to fill in this form.

Please note that this map only includes legally constituted associations, okay? If they are groups of patients, please indicate so because they are different things and I need to know …

Thank you!

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