My experience in the #UAEeHealthWeek

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As you all me may know by now if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, I had the luck to be invited to the #UAEeHealthWeek, an event that took place in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and where experts in the field of e-health share experiences and knowledge.

To be honest, I would have never expected to go… I have been in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) only for three months and I still need to learn a lot before being able to speak. First of all, we need to be humble and accept our flaws in order to work on them and overcome them.

What is a patient doing in the #UAEeHealthWeek?

Talking about connections… that’s the way I ended up giving a little lecture to the students of Medicine in the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences in Dubai.

Dr. Homero Rivas, vice-president of the WATCH Society, called Dr. Carlo Caballero to talk about patient engagement and Dr. Caballero thought he couldn’t talk about the patient without a patient. So he called me and I went all so happy 🙂 .

So! From Stanford University to Dubai going through Colombia and Spain! And all that thanks to the connections we make in social media. Magic, as I always say.

First year medicine students master class on e-health and social media

Such a refreshing audience! You cannot imagine how excited these students were when they listened to Dr. Rivas, Dr. Caballero and myself.

Patients are on the on the internet and into social media. On a daily basis they search health related issues. Awareness about this matter is key and the sooner we start educating both patients and health professionals on this matter the better outcomes we will get.

The University of Dubai has taken a great first step that I wish trespasses frontiers: they want to introduce social media, e-health and patient engagement from the very beginning of their medical training in university.

I could talk for years about it all, but I’d much rather let Twitter tell the story.

I hope you enjoy and are caught up by this experience in the same way I am.

The UAE is very focused in education and health. As His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum says in his book “Flashes of Thought”: “Education is a top national priority” and the UAE is continuously working towards new initiatives and educational projects.





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9 thoughts on “My experience in the #UAEeHealthWeek

  1. Catalina says:

    Hola Nuria
    Felicitaciones .- En mi poco inglés puedo entender que has estado en el evento y me da mucho gusto que se haya llevado a cabo en Dubai donde tu estás residiendo donde se exponen grandes temas de la ciencia médica La salud .

    Debes haber muy emocionada de haber sido invitada para asistir a este evento ojala nos puedas hacer conocer aunque muy breve referente al evento.

    Deseo muchos exitos en todos los aspectos de tu vida y lo mas importante que te sientas mejor y mejor.
    Con el cariño de siempre

    • Nuria says:

      Gracias, Catalina,

      Poco después traduje el artículo y espero que lo pudieras leer 🙂 . La verdad es que me hizo mucha ilusión, claro! Aunque vas con algo de inseguridad al ser una cultura diferente. Tengo tanto que aprender!

      Un beso enorme!!

  2. lily says:

    español for fa

  3. Maribel Lasheras Dominguez says:

    Eres GRANDE Nuria enhorabuena , muchos besooosss . Gracias por lo que haces por nosotras . Mi Lupus es tu Lupus

  4. Maribel Lasheras says:

    Eres grande Nuria , enhorabuena , miles de besooossss

  5. Angela says:

    Querida Nuria. Leyendo tú página he aprendido mucho más sobre el lupus de lo que mis médicos me han enseñado en todos estos años. Gracias por tu entrega y amor.